Monday, November 17, 2014

Holy ghosts of blog posts past

You know that feeling you get when you stumble across your ninth grade year book buried within the parents' decades-untouched attic hoard?

At first, you are piqued in a pure delight of nostalgia, as past friendships and long-forgotten memories are triggered back to life with each turn of a page. You are amazed by your youthful brilliance, and puff with pride knowing now that you did possess honest talents, and were deservedly recognized for your achievements.

Next, you are underwhelmed by your Freshman self, who is presented by bizarre fashion choices and awkwardly-expressioned portraits.  You are mortified after reading through hundreds of either intentionally offensive, potentially incriminating or incredibly lame autographed sentiments scrawled in every margin and blank space. The collective mentality of that age group preserved in permanent ink was not the irksome detail... as it formed the conclusion that opinions and reputations evolve quite rapidly. With time travel not an option to steer convictions to match the wisdom brought by living in the future, the only choice is to try to forgive your past self for not knowing what you could never know.

The end feeling is of incredulation. It is as if you find it difficult to accept that proof exists of a version of you wearing a Winger t-shirt . While, even worse... at that time, you really believed they were going to be the band that changed music forever.


Anonymous said...

I think I do. Scoob

Anonymous said...

Every few years I remember the writer me... and am amazed that blogspot still keeps the account active. Always will miss the scoob days :)